I first had the privilege of meeting Dianne Lawson about seven years ago, and I can honestly say that it was indeed a profound moment for me in my life’s journey. As a scientist, I had little faith in astrology; however, after meeting Dianne and receiving consultation from her on several occasions, I have developed a better understanding and appreciation for astrology. Dianne is a very gifted individual and she is deeply passionate about her work. She is quite intuitive and enlightened and gets right to the heart of the matter when it comes to relationships. I recommend her book for anyone seeking guidance and hope in their current and future relationships.”  Tambra L. Eifert, Ph.D., Topeka, Kansas

“I have trusted Dianne for 16 years.  She has provided me with guidance and insight that has improved my decision making.  I highly recommend her.” Beth Cooper Meyer, author and entrepreneur who works with crystals, space clearing and organizing.   www.tidyhappyspace.com, Cape Coral, Florida.

I can’t believe how accurate you’ve been.  It’s intriguing how you get information about other people in my life.”  Cheryl, counselor, Lawrence, Kansas

“I have used Dianne’s astrology services several times and taken her classes. Dianne is extremely knowledgeable in her field, professional, creative and fun. I have found her services to be extremely helpful both in my career and personal life. I have recommended her to my clients and students as well, with wonderful feedback. I highly recommend her services.” Georgia Clark, certified hypnotherapist with energy healing. Topeka, Kansas www.lifejourneyhealing.com

I’m writing to let you know about the powerful effect my daughter’s horoscope reading with Dianne had on her — very similar to the illuminating experiences I’ve had with Dianne’s readings in the past.  My daughter described it as an amazing clarifier that shed light on what makes her tick, and helped her make more sense of her direction and purpose.  And, of course, the comparison of both our charts indicating the profound bond between us could not have been more meaningful for either of us. We both deeply appreciate Dianne’s gifted insight!  Thank you,” Sophia Demas

“I listened to the yearly forecast again after the year was over and I was astonished how she was correct on each and every point.” Darla, accountant, Houston, Texas

After having my reading with Dianne I was more open to the blessings the universe has to give me and excited to let go of everything to move forward.” Shawna Bragg, licensed massage therapist, bodybodhimassageandscrubs@gmail.com, Lawrence, Kansas

“With Dianne’s insight and accuracy of astrology readings over the past 10 plus years, I have been able to more readily handle some major changes and make some major decisions in my life. My philosophy about life is that you are on a path that has been chosen, but how you get there is based off the decisions that you make. I feel that you come to the fork in the road, you can go to the right and make a quick fast decision about how to proceed down the path, or you can take the path to the left, making a long drawn, sometimes expensive, hurtful, poor choice, just to end right back to the same fork in the road and to once again begin your journey over, trudging onward to the next fork in the road.  Deciding whether to take the straight and narrow path or the long and winding road, Dianne, through her amazing intuition and knowledge of astrology has always helped me choose the straight and narrow path.  Life sometimes becomes confusing and choosing to make a inpactful life-long decision seems easier after an astrology reading.   Her knowledge of astrology and her ability to explain things so that its understandable truly makes her an amazing tool for helping make major decisions or just giving solace in the emotional turmoil at the time. I highly recommend her astrological abilities and her knowledge of Feng Shui as a guide to making life a whole lot easier.”  Dolores K. Beckwith, Arlington, Virginia

I love Dianne! I think that Dianne is not only a great astrologer, but a very compassionate, kind person. Dianne has helped me to work through some long-standing questions that I’ve had for quite a while. I finally have resolved those questions, and it has given me joy and happiness to finally put those questions at peace. Dianne has become one of my best friends. I have told her things that I haven’t told anybody else. If I need to talk about something that is bothering me, I will call Dianne. She listens and is nonjudgmental.” Angela G., counselor, agardinier117@gmail.com, Ozark, Missouri

“Dianne has been my astrologer and Feng Shui consultant for several years. Her interpretations of astrology charts and energy movements always guide me down the path I most need to follow. They help me prepare and take advantage of opportunities. When I’m drowning in a problem, her readings help me pinpoint a problem that I can’t figure. Her “ask the universe a question” (horary astrology) helps me navigate through murky times. In healing, Dianne’s Neuro-Linguistic Programming’s How to Mend a Broken Heart clears difficult, psychological obstacles, allowing me to move forward in stuck areas of my life. I go to her for guidance from the universe, clarity, and healing. And I wouldn’t go anywhere else.” Alethea Robertson, author, Topeka, Kansas

I would recommend that people have Dianne explain their birth charts to them. She knew very little about me and some of the things she told me about my birth chart were amazing. I used to think that my insight and intuition were dead, but Dianne helped me reconnect to that part of myself. I have had great experiences with her, otherwise I wouldn’t keep calling her.” Jenny Campbell, graduate student, Ames, Iowa

“Dianne Lawson is the real deal! Every time I have had an astrology consultation with her, the results have been strikingly accurate. Her expertise has helped me to anticipate changes and the best time to move forward with my dreams, goals and aspirations. I also enjoy the regular newsletter that she has sent out with week by week observations. Dianne also has a warmth and empathy as an astrologer that makes her a joy to work with. Seeking Dianne’s advice is one of the best decisions I made and I highly recommend her for accurate, customized, and insightful astrology charts.” Jacquetta Cook, Topeka, Kansas

Dianne is always available. Her sweet, giving nature relaxes me and allows me to feel safe to ask any kind of question. Her level of knowledge is of the highest I’ve ever experienced. I’m grateful I have her to contact when I need it.” Sarah M., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“I have had Dianne as my astrologer since 1973. I have always enjoyed the time we spend together and she has always been helpful.” Sherry McGowan, retired real estate broker, Topeka, Kansas

Dianne helped me during a difficult point in my professional life. Her advice helped me stick it out when times looked rather grim. Her Astrology and Palm Reading was spot on! I was and am very happy for the friendly helpful advice and peace of mind she provided! Thank You Dianne, I am looking forward to another reading soon.” Andrew Johnson

“Every time I have consulted Dianne, the results have been outstanding! She has an intuitive gift for interpreting birth charts and astrological readings, and she diligently works with clients to maximize the positive energies in their environments. I appreciate that she gives both the positive and negative aspects of a person’s chart, which I feel better prepares them to use the information in any manner that they choose. I highly recommend her services.” Andrea Smith, Scranton, Kansas

I’ve consulted Dianne on my birth chart, yearly chart and horary charts.  She is very thorough and explains what everything means.  She was extremely knowledgeable and put me to ease about my areas of concern.  Dianne is also very compassionate which makes talking to her easy.  I would definitely recommend her to anyone and I always reach out to her whenever I have a concern about something or need answers.”  S. California

“Dianne’s answer to my horary astrology question was very helpful. And then, when several of the machines in my home were breaking down at about the same time, I went back and reread her email that explained what Mercury Retrograde is. She was right about what was happening to me, even to the exact dates. What she wrote explained what was going on. It was very helpful as she gave the date when it would be over with.” C. F., Lawrence, KS

Dianne’s top qualities are: personable, expert and high integrity. Dianne is superlative at people interactions. Her writing is wonderful and astrological forecasts are helpful. Try her out!” Sally

“Dianne provided a Feng Shui consultation at my home. I was retiring from the full time work force and planned to spend much more time at home. After visiting with Dianne at an event, I decided a Feng Shui consultation would be a great idea to make sure my home was as positive and uplifting as possible. Dianne arrived at my home fully prepared to make suggestions for improvements that have truly made my home feel much more balanced. She made wonderful, simply suggestions and even provided a disc of the consultation that I can refer to if necessary. I think my favorite changes are the addition of the beautiful crystals for reflection and movement; and especially the addition of the lovely wind chime outside my front door. I smile every time I hear the chimes.” Rosanna Morrow, Topeka, Kansas

Dianne came to my house and made a detailed analysis about all the placements and directions in my house. Her advice was clear, easy to follow and inexpensive to achieve. The results came right away. I highly recommend Dianne to everyone’s house and place of business. You will be very surprised on how making little changes to your environment will bring fast positive results to your life and your family relationships.”  Cristina Carper, senior sales director, Mary Kay, Topeka, Kansas

“Hi, I’m Renee and I have listened to Dianne Lawson’s advice for over a year.  I would like to show my appreciation for Dianne who has been very accurate in every facet that I have asked her to do for me.  This includes the birth chart, the yearly chart and NLP, for helping me with guidance and to stay on track with how my life is now and where it should be going in the future.  The past life regression was enlightening.  Dianne has been very accurate of all past and future predictions.  Dianne, you rock!”  Renee S., Michigan, Business Owner

I’ve really enjoyed my readings about career.  It’s given me a little extra push to go and do what I need to do–to go on an interview and to say yes to a job offer.”  J.R., nurse, Topeka, Kansas

“Meeting with Dianne was life changing!  For my marriage and career!”  Christie B., Topeka, Kansas

Dianne is wonderful!  She is spot on!  It is just like she knows me.  She answered every question before I asked it.  She is worth every penny.  She really helped me to have the confidence, peace and direction I need to take control of my life.”  Mary Ellen Grayson, Sun City, Arizona

“What you said came true.  Last year you said someone really important would be coming into my life.  I didn’t believe it.  I just thought you’re nuts.  Now we’re going to live together.  You predicted water problems.  Because I was watching for it, I was able to control it.  You knew my daughter would be moving before it happened.”  Kathy, Topeka, Kansas

I found her so encouraging and it was a positive experience talking with her.  She gave me a positive direction to go.”  Mindy M., entrepreneur, Maryland

“You’re the real deal.  You’re extremely honest and always deliver an answer.  You’re very supportive of my goals.  You’re really friendly and someone people will connect with.  You’re more of a friend.”  Grandma Pat, Ponca City, Oklahoma

I went to you for an astrology reading and what you said came true.  You for sure know what you are talking about.  Your advice was incredibly correct.  You were 100 percent correct.  Thank you so much.”  Penny, Kansas