Feng Shui Directions

Directions on how to place Feng Shui items

Feng Shui works with universal energy and your consciousness. Placing items in your environment encourages universal energy and you to bring you what you want. People are affected by their surroundings, and their homes and offices reflect their inner selves. If you change your surroundings, you can help change your life.

When you place an item in your environment, always use thought, word and deed. For example, if you are placing a dragon in the wealth section of your home, after careful thought of exactly what you want, you might say aloud while you are putting the dragon in the wealth section of your home, “I am putting this dragon in the wealth section of my home because I want to increase the wealth of my family, especially my income, which I want to be $100,000 this calendar year.”

Thought means attention and intention. Give your full attention to what you are saying and doing. Make sure you have figured out exactly what you want in your life in connection to the object you are placing. Different schools of Feng Shu may use differing words, but doesn’t matter which words you use as long as you are saying aloud exactly what you want in your life.

Place item where your intuition, tradition or the Bagua (nine traditional divisions to a space) say to. Feng Shui is much more than placing items. If you would like to improve your life, you may want a consultation. Price is agreed upon before consultation and is dependent upon what your needs are and how large your space is. Consultation is $90 an hour and usually takes one to two hours.

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