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Feng Shui for your home

Feng Shui is an Asian art of placement of objects in a home. It is pronounced as if it were spelled Fung Shway. Feng Shui recognizes that people are affected by their surroundings, and their surroundings reflect their inner selves. Our homes are a two-way mirror for us. When we feel better, our homes look better. When our homes look better, we feel better. If you change your surroundings, you can change your life.

It is no coincidence that I am a Feng Shui practitioner and also an astrologer. In Feng Shui, I understand there is a correlation and a connection between our surroundings and us. In astrology, the correlation between our surroundings and us just goes out farther.

In Feng Shui, your entire environment is important because all of it has an effect upon you. The front door is very important because it is the main way for Chi or universal energy to enter our homes. Chi, sometimes spelled Qi, is an Asian concept of universal energy or life force energy. The concept is sometimes foreign to westerners and hard to understand. Westerners often have heard of it because of acupuncture-Chi is the energy that circulates throughout our bodies that acupuncturists stimulate with needles.

It does not matter if you rarely use your front door; it is still the main way Chi comes into dwellings. Some books say that you should use the front door to enter your house at least some of the time to allow Chi to enter. As with the rest of your property, the front door should be clean, neat and in good working order. Make sure it doesn’t stick. A stuck door could indicate a life that feels stuck. It should be welcoming and invite energy and people in. There should be no obstacles directly in front of the door, no bushes obscuring the front door from the street and no toys or potted plants people have to go around.

Some books state that the front door should be red. A lot of people must have heard that statement, because when I provide Feng Shui consultations, people often ask me if they have to paint the front door red. The answer is, no. Red is an auspicious color in Feng Shui, but so are other colors. As always, in Feng Shui, the most important principle is to use what you like and what makes you feel good. If a red door makes you feel good when you see it, have a red door. If not, paint it the color you want.

Items that can add to the welcoming feel of the front door include a wreath or other items on the door and a welcome mat. Items near the door or on the front porch, such as wind chimes, plants, lights, heavy items, such as statues, and items that move, such as flags, are attractors of Chi.

Bagua mirrors (I do sell these) are mirrors designed to attract positive energy and to reflect negative energy. The concave mirror invites positive energy into a space. It is useful for all people, but especially people who have problems in more than one area of their lives-perhaps money and relationships, for example. It is placed on the side of the house that the front door is on, facing outward. It is placed on the outside of the house. The convex mirror reflects negative energies and is placed on the side of the house that the front door is on, facing outward. It can be on the inside or the outside of the house, facing towards the outside of the house. It can be visible or invisible. Many people put it above or to the side of the front door. Some people hide it behind a couch or in a closet.

Another use for the convex mirror is to face it toward someone whose energy you do not want in your life, for example, a neighbor, coworker or boss. It can be placed just about anywhere for this purpose– on the side of the house facing that person, or inside a desk at work, facing in the direction of the person. When placing this mirror, you say aloud, “I do not want to be bothered by any negativity, especially….”

You can start with the above principles to make changes in your life.  This is just a small part of what real Feng Shui is all about.  For a bigger sense of what Feng Shui principles would mean in your home or work space, I would recommend a full consultation.

Consultation is $90 an hour and usually takes one to two hours. Consultations can be done on site or long distance over the telephone, if you send me a copy of your floor plan with large furniture pieces drawn in and a drawing of the lot the building is on.

Please call me at 785.232.2836 or email me at Cappie0113@aol.com now to set up an appointment that can get you started on improving your life!