Feng Shui Office

How to easily Feng Shui your office.

I felt like a fraud. As a Feng Shui consultant, I had been telling my clients to get rid of clutter, yet my desk in my home office was piled high with papers, books and other items. The piles were so high that our cats would leap onto my desk and send papers flying to the floor.

Feng Shui is an Asian art of placement that helps Chi, or universal energy, move harmoniously through spaces to enhance people’s lives. People are affected by their surroundings and their surroundings reflect their inner selves. Changing surroundings can help change lives.

Feng Shui principles can be applied to any place: a piece of land, a home, an office or a desk. Feng Shui divides any space into nine areas: Wealth, Fame, Marriage, Family, Health, Children, Knowledge, Career and Helpful People. I had already enhanced the Fame and Wealth areas of my home which dramatically increased demand for my work. Increased work piled up on my desk.

Feng Shui is complicated and individualized, yet some basic rules apply to everyone and every place. I always tell my clients that the most important Feng Shui rules are to get rid of clutter, have everything orderly, clean and in good working order and only have items you use or love. People who have unorganized, messy offices often feel that they have more work to do than they can manage. Having an efficient, clean and organized office does wonders for morale and work flow.

Besides being a Feng Shui consultant, I am also a writer, an editor and an astrologer. The four different businesses require different books, tools and paperwork. Keeping all of my projects separate and organized has been a challenge.

My home office sits in a corner between my living room and my dining room. It has a large old wooden desk, a file cabinet, a laptop desk, an office chair and a low chest. Notebooks and books sit on top of the chest, within easy reach. The wooden desk has been placed to face the front door of the living room. A cardinal rule of any office is to never have your back to the door. Doing so gives you a feeling of unease. Sometimes that feeling can intensify to feeling that someone is stabbing you in the back or undermining your work.

Feng Shui also recommends that your back be protected by a wall in your office. When I had just the wooden desk, I sat between my desk and a wall. I did not have to worry about someone coming up behind me and startling me. When I bought the laptop desk for my computer, my back was no longer protected by a wall when I worked at the computer. I therefore put a mirror on the wall so that I could see behind me while I was working at my computer. Getting rid of clutter is never easy and it can help if you have a deadline to get it done. Having company over or an important client coming to your office can be the deadline to get your space clean and neat. Knowing that I was going to take a photograph of my office for this article was enough of an impetus for me to finally organize and throw away items that were on my desk.

Feng Shui says that everything needs to be orderly, not just spaces that can be seen. That means in closets and inside drawers. I must confess that my drawers inside my office are not completely organized, but I did go through them and threw away items. Emptying one drawer allowed me to get all the paper off my desk.

My office now welcomes me, feels good and helps me work more efficiently. Now the cats jump up on my desk, look surprised, and settle down without sending papers flying to the floor.

Consultation is $90 an hour and usually takes one to two hours. Consultations can be done on site or long distance over the telephone, if you send me a copy of your floor plan with large furniture pieces drawn in and a drawing of the lot the building is on.

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