Feng Shui Products

If you buy Feng Shui products from me, not only will you receive the product, you will receive the information as to what to do with it.  I always have a huge number of constantly changing Feng Shui products, also called Feng Shui Cures. I encourage you to call me at 785.232.2836 to see what I have and how it can help you enhance your home and life.

Please scroll down to see what I have today to enhance your wealth, family, wisdom/knowledge, fame, health, career, marriage/partnership, children and helpful people/travel.



Purple crystal–$10 & $20



Money Frog–$10

Money Stones–$15

8 Coins on String–$10

Brown Snake–$10

Money Fish String–$5

Gold Money Fish–$15

Money Fish Necklace–$10

Coin Necklace–$10


Green Lead Crystal–$10

Jade Rabbits on String–$10


Blue Crystal–$10

Ox of Knowledge–$10

Tiger of Knowledge–$10

Tigers on String–$10

Brown Ox– $10


Red lead crystal–$10

Oil Warmer–$10

Red Horse of Success–$10

Gold Horse of Success–$10

9 coins on string–$10

18 coins on string–$10


Amber lead crystal–$10

Amber or clear gourd–$10

Gourd on string–$10

Chakra stones–$15

Balancing Necklace–$10


Ugly Rat Coin–$5

Black crystal balls $6 & $10


2 Pink crystals–$20

2 Pink Quartz–$2

2 Goats–$20

2 Mandarin Ducks of Love–$20

Embroidered Mandarin Ducks of Love–$10

Love stones–$15

Heart Necklace–$10

Pink Quartz Bracelet–$10

2 Gemstones Ducks–$20


White Crystal–$10 & $20

Feng Shui Crystal–$6, $8, $10

Helpful People/Travel

Dogs on string–$10

Pigs on string–$10

Bagua Mirrors–$10  The convex repel negative energies of all kinds and the concave invite positive energies into your house and into your life.

Shipping and handling is $5 for each item.

The best ways to understand the products would be to see them in person or to call me at 785.232.2836 to discuss them. You can tell me what you want to enhance in your life and I can tell you what I have that can help you to do that.

What you do with the items and where you place them is of utmost importance in Feng Shui. If you buy Feng Shui products from me, not only will you have the product, but you will know exactly what to think, say and do with the product.

If you are having problems in your life, or would like to improve your life, Feng Shui can help. Feng Shui is much more than Feng Shui cures.

If you would like to schedule a consultation at your home or business, or have any questions about a consultation or Feng Shui cures, contact me at 785.232.2836 or Cappie0113@aol.com.