Astrology and The Bible

Unlocking the Bible’s Secret Astrological Code

By Dianne Lawson

[The following, with minor changes, was published in the December 1999 issue of HOROSCOPE magazine.]

What in the world does astrology have to do with the Bible? Let me tell you about my personal spiritual odyssey and the conclusions I came to about these two very different bodies of knowledge.  You may be surprised about how much astrology and the Bible actually have in common.

I read the Bible from start to finish when I was five and six years old.  A lot of it didn’t make sense to me.  I told myself that when I grew up, I would again read the Bible, as I thought it would be easier for me to understand when I was older.  When I did grow up, I read the entire Bible not once, but twice, and studied with lots of different groups, including the Jehovah’s Witnesses.  There were many parts of the Bible that still didn’t make sense to me.

When I was twenty-one, I started studying astrology.  I learned that there are astrological ages of about 2100 years.  You’ve all heard of the Age of Aquarius that we will soon be entering.  You may not have known that we have been in the Age of Pisces for about the last 2100 years.  Before that we were in the Age of Aries for about 2100 years, and prior to that we were in the Age of Taurus.  During each age we are challenged to learn about the attributes of the astrological sign that is associated with that age.

I also learned, among other things, that the twelve astrological signs symbolize, or correspond with, everything in the universe.  They provide a framework for analyzing the whole of human existence.  See the accompanying table for keywords of the signs that we will be discussing.  These keywords have been used by astrologers for thousands of years.  If you go to any astrology book it will have these keywords for the signs.

Years later, my husband John, my daughter Trish and I started going to Bible study every Sunday at Unity Church of Christianity, where I had the opportunity to reacquaint myself with many of the biblical stories I remembered from my previous studies.  As a group, we read the Bible from start to finish, word for word.

I had known for a long time that there was some astrological symbolism in the Bible.  An example would be the Magi or Three Wise Men, who were actually astrologers.  Some recent versions of the Bible even use the word astrologers.  The Bible the Jehovah’s Witnesses use translated “magi” as astrologers, although they believe the Magi were evil.  In my Bible study class I started noticing more extensive astrological symbolism in the Bible. Suddenly everything clicked.  Stories that previously were hard to understand became clear with astrology as the key.

Look at the keywords for the signs as shown in the chart.  With each sign I have also listed its opposite sign, as a sign and its opposite are part of a continuum, complement each other, and are two sides of a coin.  For ease in writing, I will say Taurus but will mean the Taurus-Scorpio continuum, Aries but will mean the Aries-Libra continuum, and Pisces but will mean the Pisces-Virgo continuum.


TAURUS–bull, earth, neck, stubborn, fruit, earrings, tree, ground, possessions, money   SCORPIO–scorpion, serpent, eagle, water, genitals, lust, nakedness

ARIES–ram, fire, head, assertive, weapons, sharp objects, firstborns, blood, cutting, hitting   LIBRA–scales, air, kidneys, side of body, laws, justice

PISCES–fishes, water, feet, top of head, wine, liquids, perfume, silence, oils, mysteries, healing, martyr, belief, union with God, unseen things, spiritual   VIRGO–virgin, earth, bread, seeds, harvest

From an astrological perspective, the Old Testament was written during the Arian Age.  Accordingly, it teaches us how to have Arian attributes.  Everything in the Old Testament that was seen to be good was Arian, including models of human behavior.  Everything evil was Taurean, corresponding to the immediately preceding age.  The bad people were always lagging one age behind.

The New Testament was written during the Piscean Age.  It teaches us how to have Piscean attributes.  Everything in the New Testament that was seen to be good was Piscean, and everything evil was Arian.  Each age had its lessons to teach us, and going back to the values of the previous age was not to be encouraged.  The people were expected to progress from one model of behavior to the next, in sequence with the changing of the astrological ages.

From this perspective, the Old Testament was written to teach people how to have the attributes of Aries and to leave behind the symbols of Taurus.  We’ll look at a few examples to show what I mean.  I will put the keywords for the astrological signs in capital letters.

The first story I didn’t understand when I was a child was the Cain and Abel story.  It didn’t make sense to me that God would like Abel’s sacrifice of SHEEP but not Cain’s sacrifice of FRUIT.  It didn’t seem fair when each was giving the best of what they had.  Let’s read, however, this part of the Bible from an astrological perspective, using the keywords chart.  It says that Cain was a tiller of the GROUND and Abel was a keeper of SHEEP.  Cain offered to God the FRUIT of the GROUND.  Abel offered God the FIRSTLINGS of his FLOCK.  God had respect for Abel’s offering but not Cain’s.  This could be explained by noting that Abel’s gift was correctly Arian while Cain’s was Taurean.

I have always struggled with the Garden of Eden story.  What exactly was Genesis trying to say? Once again, it seemed that God did not like FRUIT.  Adam and Eve ate of a FRUIT and they knew they were NAKED.  They covered up their GENITALS and blamed the SERPENT.  God said to the SERPENT, “Because thou hast done this, thou art cursed above all CATTLE, will crawl on the GROUND and eat DUST of the EARTH.”  Cursed above all CATTLE? What a strange way to say something is cursed.  It makes sense when you realize that CATLE symbolize the Taurean Age.

Take the Ten Commandments story.  Remember the FIRE symbols in that story?  The pillar of FIRE, the FIRE on the mount.  When Moses went up to the mount to receive the Ten Commandments, the Israelites were taking off their EARRINGS to make a golden statue of a BULL to worship.  They were reverting back to the Taurean Age.  This made Moses so angry he threw down and broke the tablets that had the Ten Commandments written on them.  The Lord was angry, too, and said of the Israelites, “They are a STIFF-NECKED people.”  What a perfect way to call a people Taurean!  From an astrological perspective, this made sense.  The golden BULL was Taurean.  The Israelites were supposed to be learning Arian ways of being, not going back to Taurean ways.

Let’s talk about David and Goliath.  David knocked Goliath down by HITTING him in the HEAD with a WEAPON.  And then David killed the giant by CHOPPING off his HEAD.  This is what the Bible says, I know because we recently studied it in church.  When the minister asked if we knew how David was killed, I confidently raised my hand and said with a SLINGSHOT.  Then when we read the Bible it clearly said that he used Goliath’s own SWORD and CHOPPED off Goliath’s HEAD.  Then he carried around the HEAD with him like a trophy, the head being an Arian symbol.

Abraham was willing to sacrifice his FIRSTBORN son, holding FIRE in one hand and a KNIFE in the other, when he saw a RAM that God sent him to sacrifice in his son’s place.

Again and again we see the good guys in the Old Testament were FIGHTING, using WEAPONS, CHOPPING off HEADS, BURNING sacrifices of RAMS, being ASSERTIVE.  These are Arian qualities, and thus were appropriate to the times.

One of the hardest things for me to understand about the Bible was why the books of the New Testament seem to differ so fundamentally from those of the Old?  The New Testament has a different flavor, a different tone of what is expected of people.  The new Age of Pisces confronted the people with new challenges and new models for behavior.  ASSERTIVENESS was out—for the good guys—and the Piscean ideal of LOVE was now embraced by the new age.

New Testament examples of Piscean symbolism include the Christmas story.  The shepherds left their Arian SHEEP in the fields to fend for themselves, while they went to Bethlehem to ADORE the Messiah, following the new model of love.

In the Old Testament, the hero, David, chopped off Goliath’s HEAD.  In the New Testament, the bad guys chopped off John the Baptist’s HEAD.  Consider, too, the prominent and recurring role of FISH and FISHERMEN in the New Testament.

How about the major theme of LOVE in the New Testament:  The Beatitudes, the Sermon on the Mount, For God so LOVED the world…, the two new commandments of Jesus, LOVE thy God with thy whole heart, with thy whole mind, and with thy whole soul, and LOVE thy neighbor as thyself.

In the crucifixion, the evil people are the ones doing the violence.  FLOGGING, THORNS on HEAD, SPEAR  in the SIDE of Jesus.  They took Jesus to a place called Golgotha, which translated means SKULL.  Jesus just responded with SILENCE and LOVE.  The symbols Jesus used were Piscean:  turning the WATER into WINE, WASHING of FEET, FISHERMEN, parable of the mustard SEED, BREAD and WINE at the Last Supper, the miracle of the FISHES and LOAVES, anointing the TOP OF THE HEAD with PERFUMED OIL, walking with FEET on top of the WATER and his MARTYRDOM.

I want to stress that these are not random examples that happen to be scattered throughout the Bible.  These are just the tip of the iceberg.  There are many, many more examples.  Oftentimes, using astrological symbolism clears up stories that seem to be worded strangely or don’t seem to make sense.  In fact, astrology can be used as a major, coherent frame of reference.

Through years of study of the Bible and also astrology I have formed the following conclusion:  The whole Bible is based upon astrology, and to fully understand the Bible, you need to understand astrology as did the people who wrote the books of the Bible and used its symbolism throughout.

I have only begun to cover the uses of astrology in the Bible.  Interested readers, review your Bible with the list of the keywords for the astrological signs close by, and watch for the astrological symbolism to enhance your understanding of what the Bible has to say.

For those curious people who asked themselves what the coming Age of Aquarius will bring, here is a list of Aquarian words:  air, ankles, mankind, equality, freedom, technology, computers, astrology.  The sign opposite Aquarius is Leo.  Here is a list of Leonine words:  fire, heart, spine, love, children, entertainment, fun, creativity.  Do you think the Aquarian Age will be better than previous ages? Or just different?  How do you think these words will symbolize the Aquarian Age?